What service do you provide?

Lockerkeys.biz is a mail-order service specialising in replacing missing locker keys and broken locks from banks of lockers by courier or First Class Post. We also provide the most common locks and keys for desks, filing cabinets and other office equipment used in the UK. From our home page you can order replacement keys just from the key number stamped on the front of the lock rather than having to go out to pay the high-street prices for copies.

How do I order replacement keys for lockers, filing cabinets and desks?

  1. Find the replacement key number stamped on the lock face or on the original key

  2. In the homepage search bar type the key number (including any letters – e.g. FM123)

  3. Choose the key you need and the quantity

  4. Proceed to the checkout to pay securely by credit or debit card

How do I know which key to order?

If you have typed in the key number and are still not sure which type of key you need then give us a call on 0844 332 0240 and we’ll help with your order. It often helps to take a good close-up photo of the lock face or existing key and email it to us at sales@lockerkeys.biz.


The most common question we get is “there is only a 3 digit number on the lock but when we type it in on your search bar there are loads of options – so which one do I choose?”

Most metal filing cabinets have the L&F-Euro-Baton 92 series replacement key number 001-400 stamped under the key hole. To replace the keys you need both numbers. For example, when you re-order keys for lock 231, type 92231 or type in 231 and choose the 92 series from the options listed.

MY KEY JUST SAYS Silca LF4 If you get your filing cabinet key copied by the high street key-cutter they will use Silca LF4 key blanks to cut from (some use JMA LF-15) and most will not stamp the replacement key number on the copy. If the replacement key number is not stamped on your key then just email a good photo or scan of your key and we’ll either cut it from the scan or send an original.

What happens if the keys don’t work?

We sell manufacturer’s original keys wherever possible and cut the rest to the manufacturer’s own codes by computer so it is rare for a key not to work. We are going to assume that you have checked that the key number you ordered is the one we sent you, and that the lock has been given a squirt of WD40. Then we are going to ask if the key goes all the way in (if it doesn’t then the lock is either broken or the wrong type of key is being tried or there is something remaining in the lock). If it goes all the way in but doesn’t turn then the key is either cut wrong (we’ll exchange or refund) or the lock is broken (post it back to us to be repaired or replaced). Please email us prior to returning any item(s), as we may be able to assist you if there is a problem. Refunds will be issued once the goods have been received and inspected. Any postage charges will not be refunded for goods supplied correctly to order. Keys cut to code and other customised products cannot be returned. The keys are cut using the information you give us and so we cannot be responsible for errors due to incorrect information or faulty non-operating locks.

If you purchased a customised product online and it is damaged during shipping, please contact our Customer Service Team on 0844 332 0246 within 10 days of receiving your purchase.

Return Address Lockerkeys.biz Ltd PO Box 759 Edgware London HA8 4QG

How do I pay? Most people are happy to pay securely on-line by card and an invoice is sent with dispatch. If you require a pro-forma to raise an official purchase order then please email sales@lockerkeys.biz. When paying a 30 day invoice by BACS please email your remittance quoting the invoice number

Bacs Details: HSBC Bank Account 82003716 Sort Code 40-20-16 IBAN GBMIDL40201682003716

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