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Clean and dirty lockers are built with 2 compartments to separate clean dry clothes from wet or dirty clothes. Clean & Dirty Lockers are used in the construction industry and in factories. Clean & Dirty Lockers have ActiveCoat anti-bacterial protection which is essential to help stop cross contamination. The 2 Compartments are designed to help keep items organised & garments off the floor with vents for air circulation. Our Clean & Dirty Locker range has space for hard hats and protective equipment, as well as motorbike helmets, coats, jackets and footwear.


Our range of clean and dirty lockers are designed to provide a comprehensive solution for personal storage needs in factory and crew environments. These environments often require workers to change clothes or store personal belongings securely, and our range of lockers are perfectly suited to cater to these needs.


Our lockers come in various sizes, offering different options depending on your specific requirements. The standard dimensions are 1800mm in height, 450mm in width, and 450mm in depth, providing ample storage space for motorbike helmets and boots. They are constructed from robust steel, ensuring durability and longevity, and their weight varies depending on the specific model, reinforcing their sturdy construction.


One of the key features of our locker range is the secure locking mechanism. We offer both key and combination locks, providing flexibility and security to meet your needs. This ensures that your workers’ valuables are always well-protected.


The clean and dirty locker range is specifically designed with a partition to separate clean items from dirty ones, promoting hygiene and cleanliness. This feature is especially useful in environments where workers are exposed to dirt or contaminants, ensuring their clean belongings remain untouched.


Investing in our range of clean and dirty lockers offers multiple benefits. The lockers offer enhanced security, robust protection, and are highly durable. Their versatile design allows them to be used in various environments, and some models even come with laptop charging features. Despite offering substantial storage, their design is space-efficient, making them an excellent addition to any workplace.


Compared to similar products on the market, our range of lockers stands out due to their unique clean and dirty partitioning feature, secure locking options, and the availability of laptop charging capabilities.


In conclusion, our range of clean and dirty lockers is more than just a storage solution; it’s a step towards improving the security, organization, and cleanliness in your workplace. Make an informed decision today and invest in our lockers for a seamless and hassle-free experience. Your workers’ personal belongings are important, and they deserve a storage solution that offers the utmost in security and organization.

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    CD11304GGK Phoenix Clean & Dirty Storage Locker

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